Kitchen Remodeling

High quality kitchen remodeling in Antioch, CA and beyond

You shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to remodel your kitchen–and with East Bay Renovations, you won’t have to.

Our team of experienced craftsmen offers premium kitchen remodels in Antioch and throughout the East Bay, without the Bay Area price. Our team works with a wide variety of designs, from farmhouse and traditional to modern and contemporary, to create a kitchen that matches your budget, your tastes, and your lifestyle. We only install the best in appliances and fixtures and appliances so your kitchen will feel new for years to come.

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Let Us Add Value To Your Home

Did you know that kitchen remodels retain up to 98.5% of their value when you sell your home? Not only will you be able to enjoy your dream kitchen for as long as you own your home–when it’s time to sell, you’ll get all of that money back. Now that’s a smart way to build value into your home.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on constant, crystal clear communication. If there are any factors that may affect the cost, completion time, or finished project, we will keep you in the loop so you can make an informed decision. We want out clients to be informed every step of the way so your project goes off without a hitch.

Design-Build Services

We offer full design-build services for all kitchen remodels, which allows for faster, cheaper, and higher quality projects.

How Much does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen remodeling costs are based on a few important factors:

  • The scope of your project
  • The size of your kitchen
  • The materials you select for flooring, surfaces, and cabinets
  • The appliances
  • Whether or not you want to rearrange the layout

When you’re ready for an accurate estimate on your next project, our professionals will be happy to help. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the total cost of your kitchen design, including materials and specifications down to the smallest cabinet knob, so you’ll never have to deal with hidden fees.

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